Mental Health Tribunals

Under the Mental Health Act 2001, mental health service users who have been involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric unit in a hospital have the right to be represented by a Solicitor appointed by the Mental Health Commission at Mental Health Tribunals.

We have a wide experience in dealing with all aspects of Mental Health law. In particular we regularly represent patients at Mental Health Tribunals which are held in the hospitals the patients are detained in. Individuals can be detained on an involuntary basis in an “Approved Centre” ie a psychiatric hospital as long as a Doctor believes they are suffering from a mental disorder. It is not always possible to categorise what the specific definition of mental disorder is but we represent a lot of patients who may have personality disorders, bipolar disorder, psychophrenia or who may have had a psychotic episode. In the event that a patient is dissatisfied with the outcome of their tribunal they have an entitlement to appeal that decision to the Circuit Court, and we are experienced in that area as well. Further if a patient feels they are being unlawfully detained they may have an option to bring a High Court Application seeking to challenge their detention and we have also dealt with such cases on behalf of clients.

In addition we are experienced in advising on all issues arising as a consequence of Mental Health Issues, such as discrimination in the work place or elsewhere, and the pursuit of appropriate services for persons who believe they are entitled to services that may not be being provided for them. Please contact us for further information on any queries you may have in relation to the area of Mental Health Law.

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